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Bierbrand (distilled beer) is a rarity and relatively unknown to connoisseurs. But anyone who has tried this delicious distillate made from spicy Baar beer will appreciate it as a truly special digestif.  Braumeister-Tröpfli is a delicious beverage with a sweet and tart scent, a fruity taste on the palate, and an alcohol content of 36% vol. The lemon balm, dried hops, and a good portion of lemon in the recipe make the distilled beer reminiscent of a Williams.  Braumeister-Tröpfli is the perfect way to finish of fine meal with a moment of pure enjoyment. Connoisseurs say it goes wonderfully with chocolate cake and, when used in cooking, it's suitable for enhancing sauces and desserts.

Alcoholic content: 36% vol. alc.
Manufacturer: Lohnbrennerei Keiser GmbH, Arnold Keiser, Baar

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